Day: July 22, 2015

Razbam ATR In the works!

Not really anything to say about this, apart from wow. A Razbam ATR coming soon, not only to the community. But hopefully simMarket as well.

Aerosoft Bonaire X Announced

Jo Erlund Sund, Taking the Norway (and Daytona) Quality to the Caribbean and beyond. As many of you may recognise the style of texturing, Yes

FSFX Packages Q3 Update

FSFX Packages have released their Q3 Update with lots of  information on the future products in the works. They initially briefly address their A320 family immersion

Aerosoft Ibiza X Evolution Announced

Aerosoft have announced their “Ibiza X Evolution” is coming to our sims soon. It shall be a paid upgrade to the previous Ibiza although all

Taburet : Night 3D for Caribbean

Flying by night in the Caribbean region won’t make you feel disappointed anymore, when you add the Night 3D Caribbean illuminations of Raimundo Taburet. You will

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