Razbam ATR In the works!


Not really anything to say about this, apart from wow. A Razbam ATR coming soon, not only to the community. But hopefully simMarket as well.


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  1. Perhaps they should finish their other obligations first that they’ve promised for so long before adding to their pile of unfinished aircraft?

    1. Aircraft development for FSX is a multi-strand, multi person, project. It’s massively unlikely that the 3d modeller will be the FDE designer, the gauge coder, although they might also be the texture artist.

      If a project is stuck in the gauge coding or FDE development part of the process, then developing new models and textures is highly unlikely to slow that project up at all. It’s a pity a lot more people don’t realise and recognise this. Only with a “one man band”, such as many freeware projects are, will working on multiple projects at once slow the entire production line down.

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