FSFX Packages Q3 Update


FSFX Packages have released their Q3 Update with lots of  information on the future products in the works. They initially briefly address their A320 family immersion release with multiple images included. As they go more in depth with their upcoming projects they announced an un-revealed side project which they call “Nothing big, although a great tool” They haven’t announced anything else regarding that although we know it is going to be free for previous customers. Now, Moving swiftly on; Their next project. Lots of people are waiting for the PMDG 737 immersion and I get asked time and time again, “Any release information?” “Are they working on it next?” Every time I’ve replied “They are going to do it sometime but until then you have to wait” So, Now that they’ve pleased the Boeing Fans and the Airbus fans with the previous releases, their “Communication marketing guy” as they call it recommended the Q400. So.. With no further to do we can showcase their Upcoming Q400 Immersion series with the awesome development preview video below which was shown at FlightSimCon a bit ago. Enjoy it! Because after all… ITS Actually the PMDG 737 Immersion coming NEXT with the Q400 to follow! That’s all for now.


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