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Today I had the opportunity to have a chat with Trino and Fabian, both developers from Latin Wings as part of an Exclusive interview for V-Aviation. The interview will be shown below in a transcript form. This interview focuses on what they are currently working on, along with what you can expect with their future releases.

Michael: Hello, Thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to me.

Trino: Also thanks to you, we are very surprised and happy to see the interest followed by your team (V-Aviation) and simFlight for our projects.

Fabian: Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you.

Michael: Initially to start off, are there any plans to include interior modelling for the terminals of your future projects either in development, or planned to be created?

Fabian: Effectively, today, with the advances in hardware, from LEVC in our team, we’ve made the decision that all airports we develop (small and large) whether they have terminals in real life viewing from out to in, it will be made.

Trino: I must add It’s not an easy job to get that kind of photographic information when you do not live in the city where the airport is located, with LEST we have the cooperation of friends in recent months, and a member of our team also flew there twice, to position and make sense of so many photographs. With Valencia,we had a collaboration with AENA to enter the airport and all areas that the team considered necessary to represent at the airport. It mainly went to plan,  although due to security issues, we were asked not represent certain areas in 100% realism.

Michael: At least you initially got access as I know most developers have been straight out denied in the past. Are you able to say which areas they asked you not to fully cover?

Fabian: For example, the regional terminal will be modelled inside, but the baggage area beneath the terminal won’t be shown exactly so a custom texture will be used there instead.

Michael: Sounds great, a question a few readers are wondering is if you have plans to release X-Plane 10 versions of your scenery?

Trino: Although we are currently focused 100% on FSX and P3D, in the near future that is our intention . But when we do we do it, we want it to be with the same quality of detail in the ground poly that we can have in FSX and P3D, and as for that, so far we are still studying.

Fabian: As Trino said, Yes. Actually we are looking for the ways to make our sceneries to be compatible with X-plane, but at this moment in time, we are focused on FSX and P3D. But we will never discard the possibility.

Michael: What was it that initially prompted you to venture into creating Europe Sceneries when you were initially focused on North/South American airports?

Trino: Latin Wings is also positioned in Europe, although it is true that our name makes an illusion to Latin America, a partner in our company is from Spain and is strongly linked to the Spanish aviation and has easy access to many Spanish airports and that is one of the reasons. There are also more developers working in Spain, but sometimes delays occur often, and some developers may spend more than two years on a project. When we know perfectly that you can do in 4 to 6 months with a team of two people.

Fabian: We need to see, back when Latin Wings started, Myself as CEO, started Latin Wings alone in Nov 05, 2014 with SVBM scenery. I was very focused to make some sceneries for Latin America as Tocumen, Manaus and main Venezuelan sceneries (Which is now the location of Latinwings HQ), so in this year (2015), I know a fantastic friend and he joined Latin Wings in our second scenery “SVSB” freeware, combining his talents with photoshop we start a new way to make sceneries. Now my friend is living in Spain, but both of us are Venezuelans. And so we have started the process of internationalisation to Europe and by now is a good market than Venezuela.

Michael: In your future releases, will airside moving vehicles and also airliner static models be included?

Trino: Valencia will have on platforms as static aircraft that is currently there are abandoned or parked there long term. Airbus A300 Iberia, Pronair 747 , CRJ 200 Airnostrum , AT401 / 408 – Cessna Skymaster AVIALSA T-35 , 767 300f UPS,  are all planned to be included – All made by our high detail textured work that compensates with low polygons.

In our team, we have an inalienable challenge that an airport such as LEVC should not take more than 4 to 5 months to develop, therefore in extreme cases our goal for an airport the size of LEVC is 6 months maximum.

Michael: That’s quite optimistic as a slight issue can generally push back release by weeks if not months. I wish you luck with that. I bet our readers will be very fond of the wide selection of static; I must ask this though, Will there be a way you can toggle certain factors on and off? As in Airliner Static, GA Static On/Off? Maybe in the form of a control panel?

Fabian: Not for now, it is a task that we will do in the future, for example 3D Grass, Texture resolution or Statics Aircraft, at this moment in time, we expect that in order to turn off the static aircraft, it will be manually. Unless Aerosoft gives us a hand with it that is.

Michael: I see, In the Madrid scenery in particular; will the Emirates A380 gate built at T4S be included?

Trino: If we are notified of the work happening at the airport like this Emirates gate, we of course are going to include it.

Michael: I know you may not be able to reveal much, but what are some of your upcoming projects planned?

Trino: Currently, we have many GB’s of exclusive images of Madrid made in the last two months of this project.

Fabian: You can mainly find our projects in our website, we have many imagery materials for those airports.

Trino: We have prepared a surprise for the Spanish, especially for those wanting to fly VFR in their Valencian community. This surprise we will bring to light 3 or 4 weeks after Valencia goes on sale. It is a project promised to some very special friends as a flying club that we want very much.

Fabian: And for Latin American sceneries, we expect the next release to be Merida, that is a one most dangerous approaches in Venezuela. In 2008, Santa Barbara Airlines Flight 518 crashed in the airport vicinity. A feature for this, will be a sloped runway and high quality texture resolutions. And out of Venezuela we expect find imagery material of Tocumen and Manaus.

Michael: Sloped Runways? Thats certainly going to be a step-up in some aspects as not many developers have done that and actually gone ahead and released it. In terms of your VFR secret project, that sounds very interesting; maybe we can be the first to cover the news once it’s announced. Will we be seeing any images and previews of Valencia any time soon, showing the terminals and ground textures?

Trino: At the moment we can not reveal anything Valencia. We have a deal with a Aerosoft and this needs to be realised as we currently cant.

Michael: Whilst we’re on topic about Aerosoft, why was it that your Valencia topic in the preview forum was removed?

Trino: I’ll let Fabian respond to this.

Fabian: Currently, I can not issue a statement about this. I’m really sorry for not being able to give more information.

Michael: It’s Okay, I understand. One of the final questions I was asked is once released, do you plan to update each scenery maybe in terms of graphical updates and also such as continuously providing support and new updates for things such as P3D v3 compatible installers?

Fabian: Yes, of course.

Michael: Thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to me about the future of Latin Wings.

Fabian: And thank you very much for allowing us to show the world of simulation of who we are.

I certainly appreciate being able to have a chat with Fabian and Trino, it certainly turned out to be a great conversation and ended up giving us lots of hints of what we can actually expect, in terms of quality and also airports in the future.

To purchase any of their previous products such as Barinas and also Barquisimeto, over on the simMarket store.

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