FlyTampa Corfu Announcement & Previews


FlyTampa have just announced that they’re working on Corfu, Greece. Previously, Aerosoft released Corfu that can be bought on simMarket although FlyTampa are going to be working on their version along with their rendition of Amsterdam as to which they stated is still in progress.

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  1. If there’s already a decent Aerosoft version of Corfu why are FlyTampa wasting their time on another version? I won’t be buying it despite being a FT fan. With so many other airports in need of improvement this seems like a waste of effort. Milan Malpensa needs professional attention. Why not do that instead?

    1. decent Corfu vs. FT Corfu…an easy choice for me 🙂
      is like saying FS9 is a decent sim, why buy FSX or P3D..

      1. It’s a small single runway airport with no jetways. What are you expecting FT to create? Lipstick on a pig is still a pig. If you haven’t bought the Aerosoft version then fine, buy it. But I can’t see many who have buying a duplicate airport.

        1. Corfu as it should be! Full coverage i expect, like St.Maarten?

          btw what is this nonsense about a single runway and no jetways? if that’s all you can understand from a scenery then you have wasted a lot pf money. Just use default my friend, i doubt you will realise the difference.

          1. The “single runway and no jetways” is no nonsense but simply illustrating the fact, that a smaller airport does not offer so many things to make a new FT version superior to the current AS version (from the same designer…). Simply: redoing a bigger airport offers plenty of things to be improved, a “single runway no jetway airport” offers only little. This is completely independent of the quality of the final product…

  2. Acording to Corfu will be developped by Emilios Gemenetzidis (FlyTampa) – the same developer who produced this under the Label of LIVEinFSX for Aerosoft – Aerosoft was only the publisher

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