Airline2Sim – FO Q400 Training Initial Release Date?


Airline2Sim have published a post on their page explaining what’s happening at the moment. Currently they’re working on uploading the master files of video 1/15. Not only that, but a release date is also mentioned!

Christmas Eve appears to be when the first set of videos will launch (first 6 parts). Those 6 parts will entail emergency procedures, fire, evacuation, rejected takeoff, engine fail at V1 and also at maximum crosswind. After those have been released together, a line flight will be added daily from Christmas Eve to New Years Eve to complete the set.

There’s a number of reasons listed to why they have chose this way;

A) We want to release at Christmas, but due to the enormity of the master files it’s impossible to upload them all in one go. We’ve tried, we’re talking hundreds of GBs here.

B) This is some pretty in-depth stuff – VORs, NDBs, RNAV, emergency procedures. Spreading out release over the holiday period gives you a chance to soak it up with a mince pie and some leftover turkey sandwiches at your leisure.

C) no-one, apart from when I watched 24 Season 5 over a single weekend, can watch the whole thing in one go. It’s like 10 hours almost. You’d bake your brain. This way you’ll have to stop and go talk to your family over Christmas. Yep, you’re welcome. That’s the update, more details to follow over the coming days….

NOT only that, but theres also training for the FSL A320, PMDG 777, 747v2, CRJ, IXEG 737-300 and even the Q400 Captain training expected, all over the next 24 months!

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