FSLabs – Concorde-X v1.3 FSX/P3D Released


FSLabs have just announced the release of v1.3 of the Concorde X for FSX and P3D.With significantly improved memory management and savings of 300-350MB in memory use compared to previous versions, full compatibility with DX10 in FSX SP2, XPack and Steam as well as improvements in virtual cockpit lighting with the use of FSL Spotlights, this version also packs several important modifications and improvements in…

Autopilot and thrust handling developed for the upcoming A320-X, as well as corrected drag for supersonic descents, improved fuel consumption characteristics matching the real-world aircraft tables and all-new sonic-boom effects experienced when in Tower or Fly-By views. The new Concorde X is available at a price of $79.95 for FSX and the same price for the P3D version. This is certainly a great release for P3D, and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it!  Simply head over to their webstore to get your copy. Hopefully we’ll see it on other vendors like simMarket sometime in the near future, although I’m not too sure if that’ll happen.

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8 years ago

No bundle for both Sims is a no-go, although it is an interesting aircraft. Sorry, although I do know how much men power and work hours were invested.

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