JustSim Girona Costa-Brava Released

JustSim’s Girona airport scenery has been released today over on the simMarket store. Included features consist of more than 150 square km of photo scenery, high resolution ground textures, 3D grass and many more listed in the product description.

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Peter Krüsi
Peter Krüsi
8 years ago

Nice done, a lot of care was taken to very small details.
However I wondering what airports for a Flight Simulator shall represent:$
A) Architechtioral testimoney of airport buldings
B) Arrival zone for a flight
In the promotion video I did not noticed approaches or taxis/take-offs scenes. And this to my opinion is almost the only thing we need in a flight simulator. Recognizing the overall situation, yes I’m almost home.
To see the environment refelcted in the towers windows may be nice if I look to find 007 and try to catch him. But to have 10-20 frames less in my approch for that ist for me bad.
I want to have a Flight Simulator.

And just to the end, the cars have no Spanish immatriculations. Does it make the work bad ?
Not at all 🙂

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