Dovetail Games – Flight School Launch Trailer & Pre-Order Information

Above you will find DTG’s launch trailer for Flight school. Although it’s a launch trailer, no in game content was included and the trailer shows more like the story of what you can expect. I think that it’s rather disappointing that no in game content was used, especially since simmers are somewhat optimistic to see how Dovetails first flight simulator will turn out ahead of their upcoming flight simulator which is built from the ground up. Regardless, enjoy the trailer and since there’s no in game footage present also enjoy the other linked video below that recorded by someone at i57 which happens to show some game play from one of the landing missions. Below you will find recently announced pre order information, and system requirements.

In addition to that, they also recently announced pre-order information and the fact that you can now pre order it on Steam for only £11.99. Pre-order before 25th April to receive the Diamond DA42 update (complete with bonus content) 60 days before general release.*. * being currently scheduled to arrive in June.

“Flight School, from acclaimed simulation software studio Dovetail Games, puts you straight into the cockpit with compelling, interactive missions and challenges that will get you flying like a veteran in no time.

Choose from two highly-detailed aircraft which are individually tailored to different in-depth experiences. Meanwhile, your unique Pilot Profile tracks your achievements and licenses throughout your career, while acting as a log book so you can watch your hours stack up on your way to becoming a fully-fledged pilot.

Dovetail Games Flight School Features:

  • Two high performance training aircraft: Piper PA-18 Super Cub and Piper PA-28 Cherokee
  • A unique pilot profile which keeps track of your progress
  • 15 fun and immersive lessons covering the basics of the LAPL, PPL, and night flying
  • 9 challenging missions
  • Free Flight mode, so you can try out your new-found skills anywhere in the world”
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