Dovetail Games – Flight School World Tour (Preview Video) Released,7FCN,3FDVOY,NL30,1?refnewsletter

Dovetail Games have released yet another preview video today which allows you to “experience the stunning scenery of Dovetail Games Flight School in their new World Tour video”. This video in particular visits Global locations in Flight School and gives you an idea of what the ground scenery textures will look like in the upcoming product. Keep in mind that it’s still WIP and may possibly change, in addition to the fact that the sim itself is approximately £11.99 and will come inclusive of what I assume to be the amazing Orbx ground textures shown. For more information about the upcoming sim itself, head on over to the Steam pre-order page and you will receive a free Diamond DA42 and bonus content 60 days before everyone else if you pre-order before the 25th April.

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