Aerosoft A330X – More Previews & What we know!

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Earlier today on the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs Kok recently started a new thread because the previous one was merged with something else etc etc. So what do we know about their A330 project? Mathijs cleared some things up and it went like this…

“To be clear about a few issues:

  • Release is expected in 2016 (but hey, shit happens)
  • We start with the A333 with RR engines but we might expand, nothing decided yet though, a full coverage of all possible models is not our goal
  • As with the current busses we focus on the task of the pilots as this allows us to make an realistic product for a reasonable price. We do not include anything that does not occur at least once every 5000 hours of flight
  • As with the current busses we will try to include many features that are normally only added with other add-ons
  • And yes it will have wingflex.”
  • In the comments, he also mentioned “At this moment I only promise RR, how things progress we’ll have to see.”
  • Edit2: “Gents, don’t focus much on the engine etc. I only stated what we are working on right now and what will be in V1.00. That’s all. “

So currently the release is expected in 2016 although things may get bumped back slightly as things progress in addition to the fact that only the A330-300 with RR engines are expected although they “might expand, nothing decided yet though”. Wingflex will be included which is certainly a nice touch (-especially for the A330) but as they mentioned, their goal “isn’t to provide a full coverage of all possible models.” I can only hope that we actually will see the A332 and other engine variants but due to what they have said, only time will tell. Regardless of their decision for variants, it’s certainly got some amazing eye candy… Enjoy the previews and stay tuned for more.

EDIT; “Somebody on Facebook asked me if all the MCDU will now be separate. Yes they will, we’ll use the third MCDU for the ‘non-realistic stuff’ like loading, connected flight deck, automated checklists, doors/hatches, sound scape, viewing setting etc etc.¬†Interesting also is that we are now serious considering adding a Electronic Flight Bag for charts etc. Can’t say anything more on that at this moment though. But as before we intend to deliver a very complete product. ” (New Preview too on the forum)


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