Aerosoft A330 Night Previews


It’s Friday afternoon, and you know what that calls for; More Aerosoft A330 Previews! Today Mathijs has posted some night lighting previews included in addition to his statement below. To see all the previews, head over to the Aerosoft Forum Post.

4 Responses

  1. Nice, but first they create hype even if the release is far away and then they complain if users ask when.
    Just BTW, where`s the CRJ 🙂 ?

      1. How long did the real CRJ take to make, again..? Oh yes, launched in 1989, first flew in 1991.
        Or about three years less than the Aerosoft not-yet-ready product.

        On that basis I guess the 330 will be released in about 3 years.

    1. They aren’t alone in building up the hype then quashing and silencing any questions. FSLabs are leaders in that regard with the ‘Bus that still seems no closer than 6 years ago. PMDG as well, but at least they end up producing a product.

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