Active Sky 2016 and Cloud Art Announcement


HiFi Simulations has just announced two new products for 2016 at FlightSimCon today which plans to bring “integrated weather and graphics in brand new ways.” As seen in the images below or just below this text, there’s plenty of new features for both products…

Active Sky 16:

  • New Map System – Vector background options and overlays

Active Sky Cloud Art:

  • Full Integration with AS16 – ASCA has several game-changing features and fully integrates with AS16 for the ultimate in weather + visuals.
  • Real Time Dynamic Texture Loading – No need to shut down the sim. Clouds and sky can change instantly or smoothly and fully weather-influenced as desired in real time for the ultimate in variation and realism.
  • Weather Scenarios System – Challenge yourself with several scenarios including a microburst encounter, gusting winds, wake turbulence and more.
  • X Gauge Weather Plus – Enhanced weather gauge with included realistic airborne radar mode.
  • New 3D Cloud Structures – Over 100 new cloud models for all varieties and types of clouds are included.
  • New Cloud and Sky Textures – High Definition photo-realistic cloud and sky imagery, processed and tuned for maximum realism.
  • Set it and forget it – Choose a dynamic theme, activate it, and let AS16 + ASCA do the rest.
  • In-Cloud Motion Effects – Feel the speed of motion while flying through clouds.
  • New P3D 3.X visibility smoothing and volumetric fog integration – Finally, smooth and realistic visibility depiction for P3D is here.
  • Navigraph data integration – Navaids and fixes now provided by Navigraph.
  • WX Companion app – Use any device to interact with AS16, Control the weather and more.

“Real-time texture dynamics, new 3D cloud structures, evolved weather simulation and enhanced depiction techniques will render your skies like never before”

Thanks to David Graham for allowing us to use his images originally posted in the P3D v2 and v3 group.

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