FS2Crew – PMDG 777 v2 + Global FO Voice Set

FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition logoFS2Crew will make happy their PMDG 777 virtual pilots thanks to their big news for the weekend. First of all, you need to update to PMDG 777 Edition version 2.0, just redownload the full installer from your shop where you purchased the original product. Here’s the changelog link, with new callouts, updated Audio, new voice commands and they also added the Touch and Go functionality.

At the head of FS2Crew, the founder and main developer Bryan York also announce an optional expansion : Global FO Voice Set. Already released, this pack features 7 new flight officers voice sets, English speaking people of different regions of the world (North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain / Portugal / Latin America, Italy, Asia, Scandinavia). It’s exclusively made for PMDG 777 Edition. Use the 5 EUR coupon code 777FO at



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