FlightSimLabs A320 – What Will Happen Next


On the FSLabs forum, Lefteris has posted an update in regards to what will be happening next after the FSX release for the A320X.

As some of you will be interested in, the pricing for the P3D version. Lefteris has speculated the price to be approximately $30-40USD More than the FSX price, and if you do own the FSX version then you will be able to just pay the difference between the FSX and P3D price. Once you’ve paid to upgrade to the P3D version, you WILL still be able to use the FSX version and won’t lose access to it.

Hello all,

once again the simming community has taken us by surprise with the love, support and understanding it has so generously given our A320-X product, which is our first major release after six years of hard work, immense amounts of complexity in coding and several months of putting away everything else important in our lives to get things as smooth as possible in our first RTM release.

For that, our entire team has to say a HUGE thank you!

You all are making it worth while!

We are getting some tremendous feedback that you are loving our A320-X, reviewers are already asking very esoteric questions and it seems that everyone is very anxious to see what comes next!

As I’ve already hinted in the past, the FSX version is only the first step in a multi tier release plan. So far, we’ve managed a very successful EA launch with (lots more than expected) Early Adopters embracing and ensuring installer issues were identified and corrected (where necessary) but also fixed where the installer needed to be fixed, and then an equally (in fact, more) successful launch of the FSX RTM version (v1.0.1.172) followed by another release today (.173) which fixes a few issues that we identified and needed to get done.

What comes next?

Well- we’re still allocating resources into fixing small issues people are identifying – first priority will always be CTDs and “immersion-breaking” issues, but other niggles are getting fixed left and right as well. We anticipate this might take a few more days still and we are possibly looking forward to a Spotlights update which should fix issues identified for a few Win8.1 users and some DX9 problems (mostly in switching from windowed to full screen, or selecting menus etc).

In between those, different members of the team are taking a few deserved days off (not all at the same time) as we’ve been burning the candle from both ends for what seems like years now.

Once the team has everyone back, we’ll be starting the P3D beta testing – the product is in awesome shape as we’ve been working with P3D in parallel but it will require proper beta testing by our incredible beta testing team (they’ve all volunteered to keep at it – they are great). I anticipate that this should start asap (as soon as our team has caught its breath) but I can’t tell how long it will last – it could be a few weeks, or it could be a couple months – this is in flux also because the underlying P3D platform is also a living breathing organism, getting updates frequently as well.

P3D versions

As explained in my previous updates and posts, the first step in our P3D road map is to release the “equivalent” version to our FSX A320-X product line. I’ve previously called it the “entertainment” version, but that title is hardly appropriate given the complexity of the current v1.0 status :). We’re also working on the more advanced “pro-level” versions, but we’re not ready to disclose any info on this just yet.


We expect the price of the “first level” P3D A320-X to be approximately US$30-40 more than the FSX one – and this is what all FSX customers will have to pay to upgrade to it, while at the same time maintaining both licenses. FSLabs is not in the business of exchanging or revoking previously purchased licenses. If you owned the FSX version, you’ll still own it after buying the upgrade for P3D.

When will it come

When it’s ready and fully beta tested. Not a moment earlier. As I said above, it could be a few weeks or a couple months, but we’re not looking into long development cycles here – it’s just a matter of ensuring all works OK in P3D as well.

I am desperate what do I do in the meantime – I want my A320-X for P3D!

Yes, we want to give it to you as well. Want to help us? The final price will be “FSX+upgrade”, so if you really want to enjoy it today, buy the FSX version and then upgrade when the time comes, it will not cost you more to buy the standalone P3D version then anyway, so waiting it out makes no difference for you. If you’ve since deleted FSX, the Steam edition is frequently on sale for 5 Euros (or pounds or dollars) so the cost is negligible.

We’re here to answer all your questions always so please feel free to post them – just remember, please do not antagonize each other, there’s no reason for doing that, we’re all hobbyists trying to enjoy the most out of the “most advanced simulator aircraft add-on there is today” (as many of our customers already so eloquently phrased it).

Thank you all for reading!

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