FSFX Packages Camera Addon Announced

FSFX Packages have just announced their new product: Chase Plane. A newly designed camera add-on. Fresh from the live stream you can find some interesting previews below. From creating new cameras, saving changes, affecting how certain factors like turbulence affects you amongst many other things. Cloud storage for all your presets, a new cinematic mode to just get some beautiful views and an alpha expected in early November…

For full details, you can watch the full live stream on their Youtube channel found below.

  • Feature 1 mentioned is their new, intuitive design.
  • Feature 2 Mentioned is their new view selector manager in the simulator which replaces the default view selectors.
  • Feature 3: A Cinematic mode which will auto enable above 18,000 ft and if you are AFK in the simulator. You can turn also enable/disable it which allows the camera to roam around the simulator in a new cinematic view. To enable it? Simply click the play button.
  • Feature 4: Cloud storage for all camera positions, user preferences and more. Remember sharing your Ezdok camera settings with your friends? Now you can do so… but in a newly included community module.

Not only these but a whole lot more! The release is mentioned for Early 2017 although an Alpha program will be available in November.


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