Just Flight – L-1011 TriStar Professional

just-flight-l-1011-tristar-professionalJust Flight turned its L-1011 TriStar model to a “Professional” level with new systems simulation, more immersion and features.

The full enginer panel is now functional. The added FMS, the 3D primary instruments, copilot callouts and cabin announcements have also been added. In the pack, you get now a flight analysis tool and a 2D pushback panel.

6 Responses

    1. It’s the old Pro version i bought 11/2014 direct at Justflight. Nothing new!

  1. Hi,
    is this really new? I remember to read this long time ago and simmarket says available since April 2016!

    1. The normal Tristar version was out in april, but this is the “professional” version with new systems and immersion etc. 😉

      1. Really? I supposed I saw a professional version by them already. I remember this FMS and how flat it looks like. And still no TCAS included.

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