The Society Islands Progress and Hawaii Photoreal Update 3

hawaii-photoreal-patch-3A little patch was required to fix some problems with a water hole and trees display in Hawaii Photoreal freeware. The authors have delivered the update 3 as a solution for both FSX and P3D.

Their work is also progressing well on The Society Islands V2 project in the French Polynesia (V1 can be found here). They still need a few months more to finish it up, with a bit more of Autogen buildings around Tahiti, the vegetation and the details here and there. Latest preview here.

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Rapa Mauia
Rapa Mauia
7 years ago

Just a little clarification, the French Polynesia is not freeware is cheap but not so much ;-p btw thanks for the info, cant wait to try these “jewels” with the VR set

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