Free : Flight1 ForeFlight Plug-in for P3D / FSX


flight1-foreflight-pluginThis is certainly an opportunity to use ForeFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Flight1 Aviation Technologies developed a plugin to connect the electronic flight bag and navigation app to your simulator P3D or FSX. Note that the plugin is free and the app needs a subscription to access most of its content.

Among the neat features, you get maps, charts, flight planning, weather info, altitude advisor, briefing file etc..

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Unfair to Android users!

Why is it unfair ? The plug-in works perfectly for Skydemon on Android tablet… Foreflight is only on iPad but Skydemon (for example) supports iOS and Android.

Works also great with SkyDemon navigation app 😉 Thank you Flight1 !

“Note that the plugin is free and the app too !”. Are you (really, really) sure that Foreflight is… free ?!? 😉 free to download but not subscription free…

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