Train Sim World : CSX Heavy Haul Beta next week


Trains drivers, be aware that you have 6 days left to take your ticket to the  Train Sim World : CSX Heavy Haul Beta. If you buy Train Simulator 2017 Pioneers Edition, currently with 75% OFF before December 7th, Dovetail Games will let you play with the new generation of train simulator, I mean TSW. And it will be ready for download on December 8th, near 6:00pm.

Meanwhile, you get a big load of recent addons for TS 2017 like TGV Marseille-Avignon, South Wales Coastal, Hamburg-Lübeck and more. Don’t get confunded with DTG Franchise Collection 3 that is 5 Euros cheaper. It includes DTG Flight School, FSX Steam Edition, Euro Fishing, TS 2017 and almost the same addons BUT no access to TSW Beta.

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