GayaSimulation Next Project

After the successful Genoa X with Aerosoft, GayaSimulation moves on with a little airport in French Alps : Courchevel LFLJ.

The luxuous altiport features a very challenging sloped runway that everybody will want to try.

7 Responses

  1. We already have a very good Courchevel from LLH Créations. Too many doubles lately! C’mon devs there are still a lot other airport which could use some love.

      1. Are Singapore WSSS, Perth YPPH, Rome Ciampino LIRA, Sevilla LEZL, Alicante LEAL, Fuerteventura GCFV, Teneriffa South GCTS, Kaunas EYKA, Marrakech GMMX, Treviso LIPH, Stockholm-Skavsta ESKN enough?

        1. Sorry, should have posted here instead of above.
          “The first two of your list are also on my wish list.”

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