PC Pilot Magazine – Free Edition

In a Free Special Edition, PC Pilot gathered articles from past issues to give an idea of their magazines content : add-ons reviews, articles and guides about flight simming.

You can read the 140 pages full magazine for free on your PC, tablet or smartphone with just your email registration at this URL http://bit.ly/2iK6fKw.

4 Responses

  1. When I tried to get this I was eventually directed to a page to download something called “Utility Chest” and received the message that I could not get the free issue of PC Pilot unless I downloaded “Utility Chest” first. Not wishing to run the risk of unwanted things being done to my PC I didn’t proceed any further. My advice is to avoid this offer of a free magazine.

    1. I tried it before I edit this. And I didn’t have to download anything to browse the full magazine on my PC with windows 10 and Chrome. I just had to go through the registration and purchase processus.. without credit card either.

  2. Update ….

    Seems that “Utility Chest” has something to do with Google Ads and nothing to do with PC Pilot magazine themselves. The problem of being offered a download to something I don’t want still exists but, at least, a subsequent try has enabled me to read the free issue on my PC. However, I can’t see any way to download it to my PC to read offline. I’ve somehow lost interest now and have moved on to somewhere, or something, else.

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