Zinertek – HD Virtual Cockpit For Level-D 767 FSX P3D

Not a remake based on the FS9 upgrade, the new pack Zinertek – HD Virtual Cockpit for Level-D 767 is made of brand new high definition textures, with both day and night sets for FSX P3D.

Zinertek even included new reflections effects for the glareshield, and the glass displays.

3 Responses

  1. Pics look very nice. Now I wish I owned the LDS instead of CS. Unless a new 767 comes out, I may have to go back to Level-D. Especially with this new VC from Zinertek.

  2. They’re not comparable. CS makes amazing 3d animated models. Level-D’s 767 made an amazing stable 767 systems simulation. I still fly it in FSX and even though visually it shows its age, simulation wise it almost feels like a living entity. When that 767 does something you know she had a reason for it.

    1. Agree Alex. Had both the CS and LDS in FS9. Flight dynamics of CS don’t compare to Level-D. I’m a proud PMDG guy. Since they don’t offer a 767, I may just go ahead and buy it for FSX. If a quality publisher decided today to create a 767, I’d probably be 6 feet under before it would be released.

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