FlightFactor – A320 Ultimate X-Plane Announced

Totally different from their previous airliners products for X-Plane, the A320 Ultimate is a professional training simulation initially, and its development started 6 years ago.

It’s only back in 2015 that FlightFactor joined the first team of developers to make the A320 Ultimate a future product for X-Plane 11. Every sound in the cockpit has been recorded in an actual A320, and the other features will pull the standard to the maximum : ARINC data exchange protocol, all autopilot and autothrottle modes available, 4K panel display, custom coded flight model out of X-Plane.

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7 years ago

Words can not properly describe how happy I am about this. Finally JAR has a competitor and we, the community, can only benefit from this.

Love it already!

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