Flight Sim World Getting Ready

This Thursday 18th, Flight Sim World will be released and Dovetail Games is already preparing the final steps before its Early Access opens to the public.

The price set near EUR 25 / 19.99 GBP, the minimum PC specs and more pictures have been revealed on its new product page at Steam. You can also replay a live show streamed a few days ago via Twitch detailing the project with the Executive Producer and the Community Manager.

4 Responses

  1. Instead of posting the Marketing videos with the staff acting as if they are not reading their pre-written lines, some raw in-simulation videos showing the actual product and its value vs the competition or FSX would have been way better… It seems for now as if the real simulator footage is being masked by the marketing sensationalism just like it happened with the short lived late Flight School…

  2. Thank you Dovetail for keeping Flight Sim Alive! No i’m not complaining you
    did a great job! I saw your sim in youtube wow amazing! you are the future
    for FS! now we will call it FSW not FSX it was about time goodbye FSX

  3. They are making the same mistake that MS Flight did – making it a closed ecosystem. Add ons will only be allowed if they are sold through the Steam Store. If a developer wants to sell them direct, they have to also have them available on Steam. Which will be a very big cut of the revenue. Which will mean that most developers won’t play in this sandbox.

    1. FSW StatementThat’s not what they replied to another visitor’s comment on their Facebook page yesterday or the day earlier. Their statement was clearly a preference for a Steam release for 3rd party addons, but they won’t make the developer sell where he doesn’t want to. Did you read that directly written from them ?

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