More P3D v4 Addons Updates

GoFlight Technologies : a software update is available to syncrhonize your hardware with P3D v4.

FlyTampa : until they work on new updates, most of their sceneries are already compatible with P3D v4. The compatible sceneries are listed here, along the updates you need to download and install manually.

JustSim : the main developer announced via Facebook that all their sceneries work in P3D v4.

FSDreamTeam : In the same time they released KCLT Charlotte, their existing customers will also find a free update for KLAS Las Vegas (New Terminal 3 and control tower, SODE jetways), and P3D v4 updates for all their sceneries.

PMDG : Robert S. Randazzo communicated the detailed planning of updates release for all their current products line, from the latest 747-400 down to the DC-6 Cloudmaster. They expect to make them all during this month of June.

29Palms Scenery Design : the designers team announced they made updated installers for P3D v4 for the following airports : Magdeburg EDBC, Samos LGSM and Twentynine Palms KTNP.

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7 years ago

This 64 bit transition is becoming less of a hassle than predicted by the 64 bit “haters”.

I remember people telling us that we would have to re-buy everything and that the cost would not be worthed the hassle….

For once I have to say KUDOS to developers!

Simon Evans
Simon Evans
7 years ago

If that was the case, then why are the FSW consumers whining so long and hard?

You’re confusing a considered implementation strategy for commercial gain with amateur hour of early adopters.

LM have been working behind the scenes with developers for months.

Don’t mistake that for `easy` any more than free upgrade only currently applies to portovers. New product that actually takes full advantage of 64-bit features WILL cost.

It’s the price of progress.

7 years ago

I am not a 64-bit “hater”. As an X-Plane user I have been accustomed to 64-bit for years now.
What I do hate is the hysteria surrounding 64-bit wtih some members in the flight sim ‘community’, as if it was something similar to the opening of the Gates of Heaven.
Of course 64-bit will mean improvement in some areas.
But a 64-bit recompiled 10 year old, outdated scenery engine for example will remain a 10 year old, outdated scenery engine, whether it be 32, 64, 128 or 256 bit.

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