QualityWings 787 Pricing and Licencing

After six months of beta-test, the 787-800 and 787-900 of QualityWings is reaching the status ready for release.

Their latest Status Update confirms a release planned for this summer, through Flight1 wrapper. Simmers will be able to choose whether a FSX or P3D licence, each one sold separately, at USD. 69.95.

The FSX licence will come to the market first, and then for P3D, with P3D v4 compatibility. The package will include the 787-800, and the -900 variant will be released later as a free update.

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7 years ago

Disappointed Qualitywings have decided to price things separately for each flight sim version. Their loss – I will not be buying the FSX version now as I plan to update to P3Dv4 in the next few months . I dont have money to throw around and get both versions. I have to question their strategy as I suspect many will be in the same boat as me and not splash out until they upgrade to P3Dv4.. For those of you who have decided to remain in FSX go for it!!

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