FS2Crew – RAAS 64bit

Engineered by Honeywell, RAAS is the Runway Awareness and Advisory System that completes other safety and warning systems to make pilots aware of their runway localization, when they cross a runway, or after landing they hear the remaining length of the current runway etc.

FS2Crew simulates this equipment as a module you can easily install in any P3D v4 aircraft, even advanced airliners addons. It should be quickly prepared for PMDG 777 customers too who get it for free through PMDG updates.

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6 years ago

I totally understand the reasons but damn, I wish the rebate for previous version owners was a little larger. Perhaps proportional to the amount of new code. Unless this new version actually comes with 85% new code. If that is so, then I agree with the price tag for us frequent “flyers”.

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