SimTweaks – PTA (Prepar3D Tweak Assistant) For P3D V4


With a friendly interface, Prepar3D Tweak Assistant is a powerful and brilliant tool to change the global look, lights effects, shadows tones and environment colors, without impact on the framerates in P3D v4

It’s completely customizable but it’s also very easy to use with the included presets to choose from.

4 Responses

  1. Hilarious, what people sell to inapt simmers. Imagine paying for your graphic settings menu page as an extra purchase for every of your 1000s of videogames in your Steam library.

    This *tool* is the simplest of txt file editors. Money grab.

    1. If it’s that easy why did you not do it ?
      Next you will be telling us that you hand edit all of the shaders and had rayleigh scattering worked out in P3D years ago but kept it to yourself.

      Go on. show us the code LOL

    1. I doubt there would be a conflict as PTA will impact the shades, lights and global coloring of the sim to produce a more realistic look of all environment items.

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