Aerosoft – Future P3D v4 Aircraft Releases (CRJ – A320 – A330)

In order to make the A320 series compatible with P3D v4, Aerosoft explained they had a lot of work to comply with the 64bit programming. And their current code for the A330 project was much more efficient compared to the A320 series already dated of several years. Instead of quick and dirty tweaks to an old beast for P3D v4 compatibility with a free update, they chose not to spare time and integrate large parts of the new A330 code into the A320 series.

According to their long time policy not to charge full price when a part of the files remain the same (60% of new files in the upcoming version), Aerosoft decided they will ask an upgrade fee reduced at 16 EUR+vat to go with the upcoming 2018 Edition, either for A318/A319 pack, or A319/A320 pack. And it will be compatible with P3D v4, v3 and FSX. A bundle of both products will be sold too, the price has not been determined yet.

But first, Aerosoft will release their CRJ ! Shortly followed by the new A320 Edition 2018. And finally, the A330 will arrive in store (full product announced at 40 EUR + vat). Read Mathijs Kok announcement in Aerosoft support forum.

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