Honeycomb Aeronautical – Bravo Throttle Quadrant Announced

Snakebyte Group present a new hardware unit to the flight simulation community : part of the Honeycomb products line, the Bravo Throttle System will be a single and multiengine throttle quadrant that will also include autopilot and annuciation panels.

Note that on each side, we’ll also find controls for the gear and the flaps. In the last development steps, the company expects to make it available until the end of this year 2017.Full copy of Press Release :

“Honeycomb is an all-new line of products owned by Snakebyte but setting a new standard in quality and engineering for home flight simulation hardware. In case you haven’t seen what they’ve been up to, all of the Honeycomb products are designed and developed by pilots and flight engineers in California, USA, using genuine aerospace components and the same internal mechanics used in premium certified simulators approved by the FAA for flight training use. Earlier this year they announced their brand new Yoke & Switch Panel but, most recently, the also announced the Bravo Throttle System with Auto Pilot & Annunciation Panel – I’ve copied the press release below and enclosed a Word version so you have all the information available. I’ve also taken the liberty of enclosing some images of the new Bravo System.

Honeycomb® Announces the Bravo Throttle System with Auto Pilot & Annunciation Panel for Single and Multi-Engine General Aviation and Commercial Aircrafts

San Diego, CA – August 29th, 2017 – snakebyte® group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today the Bravo Throttle System with Auto Pilot & Annunciation Panel, a new high-end modular component designed for the flight simulation community and being released under the companies Honeycomb Aeronautical brand.

Complementing the previously announced Yoke & Switch Panel, the new Bravo Throttle System integrates seamlessly with other brands of flight simulation hardware, offering a simple way for enthusiasts to enhance their system without worrying about compatibility issues.

The Bravo Throttle System has been designed to offer an authentic engine management and avionics system for all forms of aviation. Users can configure the throttle quadrant to virtually any type of aircraft, by configuring it to either single-engine general aviation, multi-engine general aviation, two-engine commercial aviation or four-engine commercial, both with reverse thrusters as well as spoilers and flaps via the included handle kit.

In addition to the throttle configurations, the Bravo Throttle System features an impressive array of flight controls. Users can utilize the Auto Pilot for cross country flights as well as the Annunciation Panel with 14 warning lights, drawing real-time data from the flight simulation software.

The integrated gear lever comes complete with indicator lights, and the Boing® 737 style trim wheel, flap toggle controls and an additional seven programmable switches provide aspiring pilots with a plethora of controls at their fingertips.

“Since announcing the Honeycomb range earlier in the year, we’ve been inundated with support from the simulation community who are crying out for a fresh take on professional quality flight hardware. The Bravo Throttle System has been designed to integrate into the users pre-existing configuration, providing exceptionally authentic controls for commercial or general aviation aircraft,” said Nicki Repenning, CEO of snakebyte USA. “At present, flight enthusiasts have no option but to purchase several costly pieces of equipment separately in order to replicate the controls we feature on a single unit. We strongly believe that we offer better quality, better innovation and better value than alternative hardware and we look forward to unveiling more information in the run up to product launch.

We’re in the final development stages of the earlier announced Alpha Flight Controls with expected launch in Q4 2017 and plan for the the Bravo Throttle Quadrant to be available shortly after.”

Designed and developed by pilots and flight engineers in California, USA, Honeycomb Aeronautical has engineered its range using genuine aerospace components and the same internal mechanics used in premium certified simulators approved by the FAA for flight training use.

For more information, follow snakebyte on Facebook, and Twitter.


About Snakebyte

Established in Germany 1997, the snakebyte group is a leading global provider of consumer electronics. The Company has offices in Germany, Shenzhen, the US and Hong Kong and develops and distributes a wide selection of products specializing in connected media devices, gaming, simulation, drones & RC products. In addition, the Company provides its services in the OEM/ODM sector, working with partners to realise their goals and stay ahead of the competition. The snakebyte group have high levels of expertise in hardware engineering and software development, experts at creating an ecosystem in which technology and media can co-exist and provide state-of-the-art experiences for the consumer.


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