Aerosoft – Bologna X in P3D V4 too

Significative enhancements have been made to Bologna X scenery in Italy. Aerosoft released the update version 1.02, to make it compatible P3D V4/V3.

The changelog mentions the addition of dynamic lights, optimized objects and native P3D runway lights.


1.00       Release

1.01       -Optimised buildings and textures for better performance
-Fixed some taxiway issues
-Taxiway textures redone
-Added city objects
-Afcad fixed
-Filckering buildings fixed
-Doubled lights fixed

1.02       Support for P3DV3 / P3DV4
-Added dynamic lightning,
-Objects optimized,
-Afcad stands adjusted,
-Added native P3D runway lights,
-New asphalt/concrete reflection and rain effects.

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Dejan Burnik
6 years ago

I’ve tried it at night and the apron and the buildings are totally white(way too bright), but my airplane was dark on the apron. Dynamic lights? 😀

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