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Fly The Maddog X will be able to fly in various simulators, at least FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V4, but this last one will benefit of specific and very advanced features : TrueGlass and RealLight. Two technologies developed by TFDi Design that other aircraft developers can integrate.

TrueGlass is a custom code to simulate the rain effects with wiper system on the glareshield. It allows also to simulate condensation and icing depending on weather settings.

RealLight enables a clear smooth cockpit lighting.

Both technologies have already been implemented in their 717. TFDi Design announce low or no impact at all on the global performance.

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I’ve never really shown any interest in this aircraft before but after doing a bit of research and the odd YouTube video I’m going to but it. The light and water effects just puts the icing on the cake. They really do look fantastic. I would say we are in the middle of a flight simulation golden era.

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