iBlue Yonder – Plum Island & Minute Man Field Released


New release by iBlue Yonder in New England, US : Plum Island & Minute Man Field. Bush pilots and scenery details maniacs must add this title to their collection.

Bill Womack clearly put a good amount of efforts to  achieve this level of realism. In the seasonal scenery, you will find also static aircraft on the ramp, animated hangar doors and pilot controlled runway lighting. And the pack is charged US$ 19.95 for P3D v4/v3 and FSX /:se.

Highlights include:

  • Detailed and realistically natural grass and vegetation
  • Enhanced ground poly textures that take advantage of P3D’s capabilities
  • Highly accurate buildings and objects based on hundreds of real-world photos
  • Large patches of photoreal terrain surrounding each airport in all seasons
  • Dense autogen matching the real-world vegetation and buildings
  • Dynamic soundscapes for both airports

In addition, Minute Man sports two new features the developers are especially proud of: pilot-controlled runway lighting, and animated hangar doors that open when your aircraft is in range. Taken along with the other features, this ups the ante when it comes to GA realism! “

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