QualityWings – Ultimate 737 Classic .. cancelled

Almost four years ago, QualityWings and Enigma Simulations merged. This last team had the 737 Classic project already running for a while and the final product should have been rolled out under the brand of QualityWings.

According to the story of the leading manager, Enigma members remained on their own side working on the 737 and not on the 787. With the time going, they left QualityWings and their work on the good old Boeing one after the other. QualityWings clarify that now the project has to be considered as cancelled.

About the 787 for FSX, the HotFix 2 is about to be released. Then will come the Service Pack. Only after this, they will start looking at P3D v4.

5 Responses

  1. Sorry to learn this. Was looking forward to someone developing a classic 737 series.

  2. Le 787 je ne le trouve beaucoup moins joli. les screen des développeurs de la série 737 classic on l’air bcp plus beau!

  3. Disappointed as well. Was really looking forward to adding the B732 to my Boeing collection. I have the Milviz but something with it just doesn’t seem right. Like and excuse to fly something other than my PMDG NGX 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the B757, 146/RJ and B787. I love all, now add wipers to the 757 🙂

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