Aerosoft Publish Aerofly FS2


Available since May 2016 in early access, the final and public version of Aerofly FS2 will be published by Aerosoft officially on December 7th.

The selection of featured aircraft is too long to be mentioned here, but there are plenty ones and of different kinds and sizes. The environment features include over 200 airports of the US West coast with their custom buildings and jetways, detailed terrain, customizable weather, visibility and time of day. The virtual world will let you navigate with IFR rules, and the route planning features, including ILS, VOR and NDB.

Maps and aircraft expansions can be added to the base flight sim.

This flight simulator allows you to use Virtual Reality hardware like Oculus and Vive, or a TrackIR will be also supported. Other hardware like yokes, throttles and rudders are recommended of course. Learn more and pre-order here.

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