Fly The Maddog X – Pricing



There are now public information about the products price of the upcoming Fly The Maddog X. The new and advanced MD-82 simulation will be available either for P3Dv4 at 70 EUR (+vat), or for FSX and P3Dv3 at 57 EUR (+vat).

If you get it fast during the first week upon release, all new customers will be able to purchase it at simMarket with a 5 EUR discount (for FSX/P3D v3). Owners of the good old Maddog may have a different offer whose details have not been revealed yet.

Edit : prices have been clarified without VAT and the 5 EUR discount will be available on the 32bit Edition only.

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Actually it is. I mean for old buyers of previous versions , the price should be more attractive; The Maddog is a recycled version of the old one. And today the MD 80 is an antiquity. Other MD80 are at least as attractive as this new version. Think of Coolsky as exemple. I ‘m not ready to disburse thuch an amount of € for that. Maybe couls the publisher reconsider it’s price policy.

That is very, very expensive. Even if they included both versions combined for EUR57, it would be too steep for me, never mind paying EUR70 for only one version. The world has gone mad with pricing, I paid EUR14 (in 2015) for the FSX/FS9 version and wasn’t even that impressed with it, only gave it 74% on my own scoring system. I will definitely give this one a miss.

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