Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 X Update V1.0.5.0


Aerosoft announce that their CRJ 700/900 X received the update version for P3D v4.2.

A long list of fixed items among the systems and display features has been edited.

  • – [Fixed] HGS artifacts on windscreen removed
  • – [Fixed] Dave now controls the right doors in FSX
  • – [Fixed] Zoom corrected in FSX/P3Dv3 preview window
  • – [Fixed] Frequencies and transponder codes on RADIO page can now be transferred to scratchpad
  • – [Fixed] Pressurization mode switching during descent
  • – [Added] Cabin climb/descent with packs switched off
  • – [Fixed] Several pushbuttons have been fixed to work with the left mouse button as well
  • – [Fixed] External APU sound not looping properly
  • – [Fixed] Crackling sound issue with APU on
  • – [Fixed] Door positions corrected (special thanks to Eduard and Richcam for their input!) for better jetway docking
  • – [Fixed] Time and fuel calculations sometimes gave invalid results on the ground with an incomplete flightplan
  • – [Fixed] Wrong turns on (VECT) legs
  • – [Fixed] Removed distance and time-to-go indications for (VECT) legs on MFD
  • – [Fixed] Changed minimum airport distance and configuration conditions for FA landing announcements
  • – [Fixed] Reverser spool-up works again
  • – [Fixed] PFD “SYNC” message now properly disappears a few seconds after synchronizing flight director
  • – [Fixed] Departure runway selection disappearing after SID selection (if SID’s runway is set to “ALL”)
  • – [Fixed] ILS frequency on ARR DATA page can now be copied to scratchpad for use on RADIO page
  • – [Fixed] Decreased overshoot on track capture (introduced with rev 311)
  • – [Fixed] Sign error on wind correction during initial waypoint turn
  • – [Fixed] Only first letter of current and next waypoint shown on PROG page
  • – [Fixed] Ice detection after changing payload in DAVE now only when engines are running
  • – [Fixed] Single cue FD now points into the right direction
  • – [Fixed] Range-to-altitude ring now uses vertical speed trend instead of current vertical speed for more consistent indication
  • – [Fixed] Increased cabin rate change for altitudes above 20000ft
  • – [Fixed] Selection of Runway-SID-Transition as SID
  • – [Fixed] Increased the size of text buffers for PROG page
  • – [Changed] Changed “(P-TURN)” into “(P-T)” for PROG page
  • – [Fixed] HUD FPV and FD cue visibility
  • – [Fixed] Bleed Air source now switched to BOTH after takeoff when both throttles are pulled out of the TOGA detent
  • – [Fixed] Corrected begin of turn point for turns with more than 60 degrees (official FAA formula results in early turn)
  • – [Fixed] PFD/MFD CDI inverted with FMS as nav source
  • – [Fixed] CDI calculation (= cross track error) would result in off-track indication even though the aircraft is “on the line”
  • – [Fixed] Rounding error on MFD Data page ETE calculation
  • – [Fixed] CTD when selecting an arrival runway for the second time while flightplan is still empty
  • – [Fixed] SID data is now loaded when the selected departure procedure is a Runway-SID transition instead of a SID (U.S. style SIDs)
  • – [Fixed] Improved holding tracking
  • – [Fixed] Saving a flightplan no longer tries to save holdings
  • – [Fixed] Editing holdings now switches to MOD FPLN and requires EXEC to become active
  • – [Fixed] Bleed air auto mode logic (Thanks to Ak47e6 for the excellent description!)
  • – [Fixed] CTD when entering user-defined waypoint (certain circumstances only)
  • – [Fixed] Maximum wind speed on PERF INIT page increased from 99 to 999 knots
  • – [Fixed] Stopped VNAV calculation cycle from overwriting manually entered winds on LEGS WIND pages
  • – [Fixed] Vertical eyepoint position corrected for HGS alignment (-700 and -900)
  • – [Fixed] HGS glideslope symbol is no longer cut off on right side
  • – [Fixed] Removed HGS clickspot from the windscreen
  • – [Fixed] Clocks now show the proper format for CHR (“:MM”) and ET (“HH:MM”)
  • – [Fixed] Thrust reversers now close when throttle is advanced while reversers are open
  • – [Fixed] APU START/STOP button animation and clickspot logic
  • – [Fixed] DIR/INTC page waypoint selection logic
  • – [Fixed] DIR/INTC on-fpln waypoint directs
  • – [Added] Automatic pressurization implemented
  • – [Added] EMER DEPRESS EICAS message
  • – [Fixed] Waypoint sequencing logic
  • – [Fixed] Waypoint turn calculation
  • – [Fixed] Service door now works again (also animation stuttering fixed)
  • – [Fixed] Power settings in detents now fit the calculated settings again
  • – [Fixed] Doors control in FSX
  • – [Changed] CRJ Manager: seat editor changed to “passenger” or “no passenger” selection (instead of male, female, child)
  • – [Added] CRJ Manager: Automatic synchronization between CRJ Manager and DAVE
  • – [Fixed] CRJ Manager: Missing payload update for FSX
  • – [Fixed] CRJ Manager: CoG and trim calculation
  • – [Fixed] DAVE: CoG and trim calculation
  • – [Fixed] Cabin announcements no longer audible when deselected in CRJ Manager
  • – [Fixed] Flight attendant talking on flightdeck no longer audible when deselected in CRJ Manager
  • – [Fixed] Reverser animation length adjusted
  • – [Fixed] Bug in abeam check function that would cause early waypoint sequencing
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What your not named Dave..? Can you only control the left doors..?

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