Aerofly FS 2 – Major Update

Publisher of Aerofly Flight Simulator 2, Aerosoft announced a major update release for this sim.

A new aircraft has been added : the Dash 8 Q400, and the Cessna 172 can have its engine started or stopped with an extensive engine simulation. Many more items are listed in the changelog.

Important installation information:

At first please perform the normal installation (see other installation information) and finally install this update.


  •     Major Feature Released – VR Motion Control
  •     Major Addition: Dash 8 Q400   
  •     Improved mouse control functions and added the ability to operate sliders with mouse
  •     Feature Added: Checking for updates within the Menu   
  •     Added: New airplane Buecker Jungmeister
  •     Added: C172 engine start / stop, extended engine simulation
  •     Changed C90GTX turboshaft simulation to use a similar advanced thermodynamic model as in the Q400 (work in progress)
  •     Changed: softer fade in / fade out for brakes when using a button or key
  •     Changed: Up to 30% rendering performance improvements in populated areas
  •     Fixed: Mouse wheel resolution was sometimes too low
  •     Changed: Better precision when placing 3D objects around airports
  •     Added: lower case matching of virtual objects
  •     Added: More objects in our Xref
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Friday, March 23, 2018 15:24


The Dash 8 Q400 has been released a long time ago already 😉
But thanks for the update.