Bush Flight Simulator New Video

Announced in Autumn 2017, Bush Flight Simulator is making its way to a potential Early Access release in the end of this year.

Face hard situations with a dynamic weather system and difficult terrain conditions of inhospitable terrain.during your cargo missions. You will also be able to load, maintain and walk around your own aircraft.

Press release copy :

UK based independent game publisher, The Irregular Corporation, today
announced that it has secured publishing rights to REMEX Software’s new title, Deadstick: Bush Flight
Simulator – a new breed of PC Flight Simulator aimed at replicating the challenges of surviving as a light
aircraft bush pilot tasked with delivering cargo in remote, inhospitable terrain.

Initially announced to dedicated flight sim fans during FlightSim2017, Deadstick captures the thrill of
being a bush pilot, braving the elements in an attempt to keep both yourself and aircraft intact as you
deliver cargo. The skill is of flying is no longer enough as you must use your superior pilot judgement to
navigate low cloud, attempt daring off airport landings, and survive deadly storms generated by a
dynamic and unpredictable weather system.

Explore in first-person outside your aircraft to load cargo, upgrade and maintain your plane, before
jumping into the cockpit to perform pre-flight checks. Once prepared, head into the skies and fight your
flight-stick above a beautifully-rendered, rugged fictional landscape heavily inspired by Alaska and Idaho.
Every dial and button in your study-level cockpit is simulated, and every manoeuvre is significant, thanks
to a painstakingly accurate, physical, and unforgiving flight model. Head into Deadstick’s fully-featured
Sandbox Bush Pilot career mode and customise, maintain, and upgrade your craft as you perform bigger,
more dangerous jobs.
“After seeing first-person the excitement around Deadstick at FlightSim 2017 we knew that REMEX
Software had something special and were determined to support them in any way possible.” said Stuart
Morton, Producer at The Irregular Corporation. “The fidelity Deadstick is being developed at is incredible,
and I think all flight simulator fans should be looking forward to what Deadstick is going to bring to the
Deadstick: Bush Flight Simulator is coming exclusively to PC in 2018 and you can add it to your Wishlist
on Steam here: For
more information and updates please visit or follow Deadstick on Twitter or

About Remex Software
REMEX Software specializes in cross platform games and simulation development. Founded in 2014 and
with a wealth of experience within the games industry, REMEX Software has already delivered powerful
simulation solutions within the Games, Aerospace and Racing sectors.
The Irregular Corporation is a British games publisher, based in London. Founded by industry veterans
based in the UK, their focus is on creating and supporting original games for niche markets and
communities. Since March 2017, the company has been working on Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator for
PC, which recently had its full release after evolving in Early Access. The publisher also recently
announced that they’re working on the experimental-adventure title Under a Porcelain Sun from Studio
Oleomingus. Their latest release, PC Building Simulator launched into Early Access in March 2018 and
achieved over 100,000 sales in its first month.

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