FSLabs – A319-X New Feature Announced Sunday

Flight Sim Labs will announce tomorrow Sunday at 1800Z in their forum an exclusive and new feature of their A319-X.

It’s not about the engines variants, we already know they will include both CFM56-5B7 and IAE V2522-A5 engines with their respective performance models. And we are also sure the A319-X will also have its specific flight behavior.

Features extracted of FSLabs Press Release :

  • A truly unique and immersive sound experience – utilising hundreds of recordings from the real aircraft.
  • Custom ground friction models to simulate proper ground handling (single engine taxi).
  • Brake models tuned to match real world performance in all weather environments
  • Over 60,000 electrical components simulated and connected via simulated electrical and data driven networks.
  • Every aircraft component within the Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems has been modelled, making the aircraft feel alive.
  • Dual FMGS that follows the ARINC 424-19 specification in detail and faithfully simulates lateral and vertical flight path guidance.
  • Complete flight control system, featuring Normal Law, Alternate Law, Abnormal Attitude Law, Direct Law and Mechanical Backup. The Fly-By-Wire system faithfully represents the feeling of flying the real world aircraft
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6 years ago

I really don’t see what you are going to get out of this if you already own the A320?

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