FSLabs – A319-X with GSX-integrated de-icing process

Another leak of Flight Sim Labs finally shows how will look the ice on the wing of the A319-X.

At the same time, this video adds the integration with the Deicing feature of Ground Services X by FSDreamTeam.

Flight Sim Labs today released the latest of their A319-X teasers — showing more details of its pioneering airframe and engine icing simulation.

Up until now, only still images of the aircraft and its features had been released.

The 4K high-resolution video demonstrates the GSX-integrated de-icing process, showing snow being gradually removed from the wings, which glisten with the gentle green sheen of Type IV de-icing fluid. Each fluid type will show as a different colour on the airframe.

The A319-X is the first modern airliner add-on in the Prepar3D environment to feature a fully realistic simulation of the aerodynamic effects of ice on an airframe.

Using intricate thermal models and unique visual effects designed specifically for the A319-X, simmers will see ice forming dynamically in real-time. The build-up of ice is dynamically driven by actual in-sim atmospheric conditions, including temperature, humidity and sun elevation, as well as internal factors such as fuel temperature and realistic ‘cold soak’ effects.

FSLabs’ unique de- and anti-icing simulation enables pilots to select the type of fluid and the level of dilution required and the ground crew will apply the anti-icing treatment in real time, removing any built-up contamination.

It doesn’t end there either – with a fully realistic, dynamic hold-over time simulation based on external conditions as well as fluid type and concentration, once the treatment starts it’s a race against time to get airborne before the holdover time expires and dangerous deposits begin to build back up again.

Although the video shows the GSX integrated de-icing process, non-GSX users will still be able to de-ice using options provided within the aircraft’s MCDU, albeit without the visual effect of the de-icing trucks.

In the air, the aircraft’s anti-icing systems can be activated to remove any ice which builds up and simmers will be able to enjoy still more unique visual effects as the wing and engine anti-ice systems get to work.

The icing simulation is just one of a deluge of unique new features developed exclusively for the A319-X, a paid expansion for Flight Sim Labs’ highly-acclaimed A320-X, exclusively on the Prepar3D v4 platform, with more still to come.

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