TECHNOBRAIN – Japanese airport “Naha” released.

TECHNOBRAIN’s “Naha Airport” is on simMarket now.

This add-on was released in Japan as boxed edition for FSX. now for world wide.

Product Features

  • Extremely realistic airport
  • Animated CTRL+J jetways
  • AFX file representing actual airline parking positions(Some parking lots can park the default aircraft)
  • Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport
  • Added static airport ground vehicles
  • Added a new international terminal building
  • Pseudo shadows
  • Add JSDF AI traffic (P-3C, F-15J, E-2C)
  • Road traffic
  • Add dynamic lighting to all apron lights. P3DV4 only (User option)
  • Version for FSX/FSX SE/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/P3Dv4
  • Much more…..

this airport is known as Japanese Air Self Defense Force(JASDF)’s Naha Air Base. check it out.

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5 years ago

Cheap. The cost of living in Japan seems low. (Sarcasm). It looks great, the best one so far (not sarcasm).

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