FSDreamTeam – GSX Level 2 Expansion FSX P3D

Must-have alarm ! GSX Expansion Level 2 drastically upgrades Ground Services X (base product required) :

  • Add SODE jetways anywhere : a default airport without jetways ? Install the ultimate and animated model. Do you have a third party airport with a nice design but poor / static jetways model ? Fix it with detailed and controllable SODE jetways.
  • Jetways accessories and customization : the power unit will actually power the aircraft. In P3D4 only, you can also edit the jetway numbers font, size, color
  • 3D animated boarding passengers : there are also pilots and flight attendants walking down from the airport bus to the mobile stairs, or through the 3D jetways…
  • A320 FSL Integrated : if you have the advanced Airbus simulation of FlightSimLabs, GSX v2 will board the exact number of passengers you entered via the MCDU ,and various buses will come and go back to the terminal to bring all the people to your aircraft. The same is true and adapted after your landing when you park.
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