Carenado – DA62 G1000 FSX P3D

The 62 model is a beautiful modern twin turboprop engineered and manufactured by Diamond Aircraft in Austria. Up to 7 passengers can fly in this fuel efficient aircraft.

Own yours and fly the Carenado addon equipped with G1000 avionics, it can work with the SVS separate expansion (Synthetic Vision System).

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  1. Diamond is not based in Switzerland to my knowledge. It is an Austrian company. You might want to verify this.

    1. Actually, Diamond is a Chinese company based in Austria. It used to be Austrian, but was sold in late 2017 to Wanfeng Aviation Industry.

      1. Maybe, but the DA62 chief engineer is David, the engine is Mercedes, and the aircraft is actually manufactured in Austria. Do you know about Volvo and Geely ? 95% of the cars production is still in Sweden, all the engineers and designers are based in Sweden. They are Swedish cars..

        1. OK, David is an English name, Mercedes is a German company and is part of the Daimler AG which is based in Stuttgart, Germany, so not sure what your point is? The aircraft assembly may be in Wiener Neustadt, but assembly is from parts sourced from all over the world – just like Volvo, as it happens.

          1. My point is : the headquarter of the owner may be in China, this doesn’t make the aircraft manufacturer a Chinese company, even more when the owner bought it a few months ago and the aircraft exists since 6 years and has been produced since 3 years. I know where is from Mercedes, and its not China..

          2. OK, Wangfeng first bought 60% of Diamond Aircraft in December 2016. At the time the DA62 was announced (March 2012) The company was nominally under the control of Christian Dries who tried to bluff the Canadian Government into bankrolling the Canadian arm of the company in London, Ontario. The Canadians called his bluff, and the site was almost closed with the loss of 213 jobs. I’m so glad you want a company owned by an Austrian… oh wait, Christian Dries is German.

          3. Since the beginning, you want this company to be Chinese but it’s not, and you didn’t give a clue it is. Again, the owner’s origin doesn’t change for the production because he owns it. And I didn’t write it was an Austrian company either, but the DA62 aircraft is an Austrian product : Austrian engineers, Austrian manufactory, Austrian based company and mostly Austrian workers.

          4. Then please explain why the parts I ordered for my real-life DA20 came from China, not the EU (Netherlands or Spain) and definitely not Austria?
            The DA-62 Type Certificate lists BOTH Austria and Canada as the Manufacturer (but not China). In this era of globalisation its important to know where the actual manufacture is… Where IS the DA-62 manufactured? With parts from where?

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