FS Academy – In Command

In Command is a comprehensive experience for Prepar3D v4, comprising of 6 demanding missions and a detailed ground school, we will arm you with the real knowledge and skills you’ll need to deal with challenging situations and system failures in a realistic way. Developed by a real world airline captain, learn the skills required to effectively manage an aircraft in difficult circumstances such as closed runways and system failures.

Whether sightseeing in a Piper or navigating the Atlantic, the pilot in command is the one in charge when things turn sour.

The skills you will learn from FS Academy – In Command are transferable to almost any aircraft, from a Cherokee to a Jumbo Jet, the decision-making process is effectively the same, all using real-world procedures and techniques.

These six demanding scenarios use several different core aircraft in a variety of locations and weather conditions.

This complete experience also includes a detailed, Ground School component nearing 100 pages, which guides you through the essential knowledge and techniques essential to taking command of an aircraft including:

  • Management of system failures and difficult situations
  • The decision-making process 
  • Fuel Planning
  • Aircraft Loading
  • Altimetry
  • Airport Facilities, Lighting and Markings
  • ICAO Annexes and Airport Codes
  • Hazardous Weather
  • Decoding METAR & TAF Weather Reports
  • And much more…

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