IndiaFoxtEcho – E-2/C-2 v1.01 Update

Minor issues found in the initial release package E-2 Hawkeye / C-2 Greyhound by IndiaFoxtEcho will be quickly fixed when you install the update version 1.01.

The team of Dino Cattaneo invites you to download the new P3D FSX installer from your simMarket customer account.

Changelog Version 1.01 :
-Fixed bug preventing landing lights to show on E-2 models
-Fixed visual glitch in EFIS-equipped cockpits so that OIL COOLER button was duplicated
-Added note to engine start checklist on how to deal with engine stuck at 100% RPM 
-Fixed bug preventing “N” button from working on pop-up –MFCDU panel 
-Changed cockpit night lighting to red
-Fixed minor glitch in the gear wells of the engine nacelles

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