Pilot Experience Sim – Montpellier LFMT P3DV4


Montpellier LFMT is a French airport in the Southern region with the tip of the runway ending in the Mediterranean Sea.

In most cases, you will take off face to the sea so check your weight balance and center of gravity before leaving the parking. Available for P3D4 via Pilot Experience Sim at simMarket.

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Daniel K;

After updating and kind help by thedevelopper the scenery works perfect and is very pleasant to use
Forget my post from February 4. 🙂

Daniel K;

Confusion: a new version is soon out ( 1.1) . The first one should be “remove” before installing the updated one. I have bought and installed the first version ( the process is extremely slow and wired) and it’ is “not to find as file) but is working. Cous somebody help to clear the situation. The scenery is OK