Sim Skunk Works – Lockheed Martin FRF-104G / Aeritalia F-104 S For FSX

A few weeks after the P3D4 variants, Sim Skunk Works launch now the FSX products of the Lockheed Martin FRF-104G and the Aeritalia F-104 S.

These are highly detailed models with animated and working virtual cockpit. Advanced systems and realistic liveries complete the packs to please fans of military and vintage aircraft.

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5 years ago

Simskunkworks has very bad value proposition: (1) Aircraft are expensive, (2) have to buy each model variant separately, (3) have to buy for each platform separately, (4) one of the worst DRM systems in existence.

If you want the F104, you are going to pay:
F-104G (FSX) – Eur30
F104G (P3D4) – Eur40
F104G (P3D3) – ???|
F104S (FSX) – Eur 30
F104S (P3D4) – Eur40
F104S (P3D3) – ???
That is a total of at least Eur140 and then you have to e-mail back and forth to get product activated. It is simply not good value for money and does not compare favorably with offerings form the more consumer-friendly developers.

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