GayaSimulation – Courchevel Altiport Preview Video

Courchevel Altiport tunnel

Hi, We have been really busy lately with one of the major airports just released for X-plane (and soon p3d). Which one? hint- you can find our name inside the manual of this airport.Anyway, some news and short video of very unique feature of Courchevel today! The tunnel! pure and native mesh work inside xplane 11.The video below is from developing version so if you will dig in you will find many thing missing. no worries- it's all ready and tested, just not inside that video.What's plan for the coming week- Alpha version of Courchevel, First preview of our Meribel (it will blow you up, really).Make sure you watch in HD!

Gepostet von GayaSimulation am Samstag, 6. Juli 2019

The last preview of Courchevel Altiport (LFLJ) for X-Plane in the French Alps reveal the detailed buildings and high definition textures to be used.

This new preview video shared by GayaSimulation shows another aspect, the terrain edition with special features and 3D tunnel. They also plan to develop another altiport close to Courchevel, Meribel LFKX.

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